Learning Methods for Every Learning Type

Have you ever received a new piece of equipment that includes a long instruction booklet on how to use it or how to put it together?

Do you wish you could just watch some short videos that show you the same information?

At Precisionary Instruments, you can! Receiving a brand-new piece of equipment, like the Compresstome® vibrating microtome, can seem complicated and difficult to use at first. You can even see for yourself how the Compresstome® is used online, via our YouTube channel, before and after you purchase!

Why Training Videos?

Training videos are especially important for showing and explaining the Compresstome® vibrating slicer to our customers. Not only are they great for visual learners, but they are also a combination of audio-visual guides at your fingertips for whenever you need answers.

With our training videos, you will have the option to view any short video to answer your Compresstome® use questions. Our training videos are divided into short tutorials. This gives you an endless supply of help, with the option to view your answers over and over again.

Where Can You View the Compresstome® Training Videos?

Our company’s YouTube account site is called, “Precisionary Instruments LLC.” You can find all of these videos in our account. The videos can also be found on our website (precisionary.com) and include instructions for:

Setting up the Compresstome®

Adjusting the blade holder angle & height on the Compresstome®

Making the agarose solution for tissue embedding

Embedding tissue samples into specimen tubes

Machine oil maintenance for the Compresstome®

Blade removal and clean up for the Compresstome®



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