Compresstome® Upgrades


Do you have a Compresstome® VF-200 or VF-300?
Here’s how to upgrade to Auto Zero-Z™

Do I have to buy a new slicer to upgrade?

Absolutely not! If you already own a Compresstome® slicer, such as a VF-200 or VF-300, you can upgrade to a unit that has the Auto Zero-Z™ technology simply by replacing the vibrating head unit. You do not have to purchase a whole new slicer.

Simply submit a quote request for an upgrade here.


Why upgrade to Auto Zero-Z™?

The old zero-Z technology you know requires you to manually re-calibrate the machine every time you change the blade.  With our Auto Zero-Z™ technology, all of the calibration is done before we ship our Compresstome® to you.

You never have to do any calibration with our Auto Zero-Z™ technology.  The special structures of the blade holder ensure the the same blade stability every time you slice.  By following a strict blade mounting procedure, the machines will operate in near zero-Z axis deflection, without the need of optical alignment procedures.Furthermore, with the patented compression technology stabilizing the tissue, we have stabilizd the Z-axis movement for both the blade and the tissue, achieving system wide zero-Z movement.


Compatible models for upgrading to Auto Zero-Z™

Two current models are compatible for the upgrade to Auto Zero-Z™.  They are Compresstome® VF-200 and VF-300. If you own either of these models, please contact us for the upgrade price by submitting a quote request.