Compresstome® VF-200 vibrating microtome


The VF-200 is our entry level Compresstome®.  With our compression technology, this semi-automated slicer excels at sectioning slices used for:
Our patented slicer technology allows you to double your slice viability for healthier tissue. The Compresstome® produces beautiful sections while providing a fast user-friendly cutting experience. Please refer to our online video tutorials for a step by step visual aid in your Compresstome® experience.

The Compresstome® VF-200 is our best semi-automatic tissue slicer used to section live tissue for electrophysiology and imaging studies. If you are looking to section both fresh and fixed tissue for immunohistochemistry, please explore the VF-300-0Z.

The VF-200 is our semi-automatic tissue slicer most ideal for:

How is the Compresstome® different from other vibrating microtomes?  

You can read about a discussion thread on ResearchGate on selecting the best tissue slicer for your research.

The Compresstome® is also referenced as one of the best machines to cut adult and senior brain slices on Brain Slice Methods.

Products we recommend to purchase with VF-200:

To reduce contamination when working with both fresh and fixed tissue we recommend purchasing additional:

Consumables we recommend for quality use include: