Valid only on all Compresstome® VF-310-0Z and VF-210-0Z vibrating microtomes


Promotion Ends March 31, 2020


* Does not include purchase from the following countries: Those under China and Japan.
* Valid only on all VF-310-0Z, and VF-210-0Z sales, Does not include additional accessory purchases.

Compresstome® Vibrating microtome Rental Program


Do you want to demo a vibrating microtome before you purchase it?


Do you have an urgent need for a vibrating microtome in your lab, but are waiting for funding?


Precisionary Instruments offers the only vibrating microtome Rental Program worldwide. We allow researchers to lease any Compresstome® tissue slicer on a monthly basis.



We allow you to “rent-to-own” any Compresstome tissue slicer. Here’s the best part: Any amount you spend from the Rental Program will completely go towards the final vibrating microtome purchase price. Here are a few customer scenarios:


Rental Program Example 1:

Dr. Slyce needs a vibrating microtome for cutting acute brain slices for electrophysiology and calcium imaging experiments. However, she is not sure which Compresstome® tissue slicer will best fit her research needs. She contacts us at Precisionary Instruments and begins the Rental Program for a Compresstome® VF-300-0Z, paying monthly for 3 months.


After 3 months, Dr. Slyce decides to purchase the Compresstome® VF-300-0Z. We deduct the payments from the Rental Program from the price of the vibrating microtome, and Dr. Slyce now owns the vibrating microtome. We charge no hidden or extra fees for the vibrating microtomeprice.


Rental Program Example 2:

Dr. Cutter is thinking about getting a vibrating microtome for sectioning fixed tissue for liver studies. However, he is unsure if he will need a vibrating microtome for short-term or long-term, and needs to try out a Compresstome® to get preliminary results. He contacts us at Precisionary Instruments and begins the Rental Program for a Compresstome® VF-300-0Z, paying on a month-to-month basis.


Dr. Cutter rents for 5 months continuously, and is able to use the Compresstome® tissue slicer to get preliminary results for his grant. He decides not to keep the vibrating microtome and returns it without any issues, and the Rental Program contract is ended.


Are you in one of these situations? If so, contact us for a Compresstome® Rental Program quote:


Website: www.precisionary.com

Phone: 617-682-0586

E-mail: info@precisionary.com

Quote Request: https://precisionary.com/instant-quote/



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