What Precisionary Instruments Provides

At Precisionary Instruments, we understand that changing processes can seem unlikely favorable, or even nerve-wracking. However, our Scientific team has developed many protocols for sectioning an array of tissue types with the Compresstome® Vibrating microtome.

. Find protocols under the “Information & Support” tab on our website.

We provide:

  • Fixed AND fresh brain tissue
  • Brainstem tissue
  • Gastrointestinal tissue
  • Heart tissue
  • Liver tissue
  • Lung tissue
  • Reproductive tissue
  • Skin tissue
  • Tumor tissue
  • …and more!

Read our scientific protocols to learn how to prepare your tissue for use with the Compresstome®.

How are Protocols Helpful?

Protocols help save you describing time when the new colleague asks how to use a machine, or what the process is prior to using it. Not only do protocols lay out the steps, they do so in a manner that will produce the best results, results that are consistent for whoever is reading them. Protocols are also helpful for those who are used to doing a process a certain way, for a particular piece of equipment. When a new user, for example, is hesitant about the process of using the Compresstome® vibrating microtome, we have the solution!

The Importance of Protocols

Protocols are widely used in many industries, especially the scientific community, to provide a “laboratory method” so that everyone in the same lab, group, and team will replicate the same result of a process successfully. With written protocols, everyone working on the same experiment or machine will produce consistent, quality results by following the guidelines protocols were designed for. At Precisionary Instruments, we provide written protocols based on animal models, organ systems, and experiments to support research.

Contact us today to get the protocol specific for your experiment, we’ll be happy to support you!
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