Webinars > Diminished Brain Angiogenesis in Offspring Affected by Preeclampsia

Diminished Brain Angiogenesis in Offspring Affected by Preeclampsia

Original webinar date: April 2, 2024
Guest name: Mingfu Wu, PhD

Dr. Mingfu Wu is an Associate Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Houston. With a background in genetics, developmental biology, and cellular biology, Dr. Wu’s research focuses on unraveling the intricate mechanisms underlying congenital heart defects and left ventricular noncompaction. His lab utilizes genetic, developmental, and cellular tools to investigate the etiologies of cardiac malformations and explore potential therapeutic interventions. In this webinar, Dr. Wu will delve into the fascinating world of cellular organization in ventricular wall morphogenesis, shedding light on how disruptions in cellular organization can lead to congenital heart defects.

In this webinar, Professor Wu will:

  • Explain the asymmetrical localization of β1 integrin in cardiomyocytes and its significance.
  • Discuss the role of β1 integrins in cardiomyocyte-ECM interactions and cellular organization.
  • Explore the consequences of Itgb1 deletion on cardiomyocyte-ECM engagement and tissue architecture formation.