Webinars > Diminished Brain Angiogenesis in Offspring Affected by Preeclampsia

Diminished Brain Angiogenesis in Offspring Affected by Preeclampsia

Original webinar date: April 2, 2024
Guest name: Carlos Escudero, MD-PhD

Dr. Carlos Escudero is a distinguished medical doctor and Doctor in Biomedical Sciences, serving as a Full Professor at the University of Bio Bio in Chillan, Chile. With over two decades of dedicated research, Dr. Escudero’s work has focused on understanding vascular alterations in mothers, placenta, and offspring exposed to preeclampsia. His current research endeavors delve into the intricate relationship between placental dysfunction and impaired brain vasculature formation, particularly in brain blood vessel development and blood-brain barrier integrity. Dr. Escudero will present recent findings demonstrating reduced brain angiogenesis in offspring affected by preeclampsia, shedding light on potential cellular mechanisms, including alterations in brain endothelial cell migration. Notably, his groundbreaking work was featured on the cover of Hypertension in December 2024.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explore how hypertension in pregnancy, specifically preeclampsia, can detrimentally affect brain function in offspring.
  2. Discuss the significance of brain angiogenesis in maintaining proper brain function.
  3. Examine the mechanisms through which preeclampsia disrupts brain angiogenesis in offspring.