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Superior Sections at an Affordable Cost

Precisionary Instruments was founded in 2004 through a collaboration between scientists and engineers.  Located in North Carolina, U.S. with a company branch in Boston, MA,  it is dedicated to promoting technological improvements in biomedical research worldwide.

In our 10+ years of existence, we have developed a series of state-of-the-art Compresstome® microtomes to section slices for fresh and fixed tissue to help meet almost any research need. In particular, we focus on helping scientists section healthy live tissues for electrophysiology and fixed tissues for immunohistochemistry. Our Auto Zero-Z® technology is specially designed to produce healthier slices by eliminating the trouble of calibrating vibrations in the Z-axis that shear tissue.

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We produce a wide array of different Compresstome® slicers for all of your sectioning needs
Learn about the Compresstome® technology called Auto Zero-Z®, and other innovations that sets our slicers apart
Learn how we simplify the slicing process for electrophysiology, immunohistochemistry, organotypic cultures, and other experiments.
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