Vibrating Microtomes & Rotary Microtomes

For almost 20 years, Precisionary Instruments has specialized in designing and manufacturing tissue slicers. With our patented technology, we are devoted to helping you obtain the highest quality tissue slices for research and clinical needs.

Produce healthier slices for patch-clamp, field recordings, and calcium imaging for brain, heart, and kidney tissue slices.

Our rotary microtomes help you create perfectly coinsistent and thin sections that are free of chattermarks.

Use our Compresstome® tissue slicer and rotary microtomes to create smooth, thin & consistent sections for protein staining.

Get higher quality live tissue slices for studies of lung, liver, kidney, gut, spleen, and reproductive tissues. Excellent for enzyme or toxicology research.

Use the Compresstome® vibratome for organotypic brain slice cultures and tumor slice cultures.

Did you know that our microtomes can also be used to section polymers, hard materials, and plants? Check it out!

Compresstome® Vibrating Microtomes

Our Compresstome® vibrating microtome makes tissue slices for neuroscience, respiratory, cardiac, plant, and polymer studies. With 3 patents and 800 publications using our vibrating microtomes, our vibratome is used for electrophysiology, tissue culture, and immunohistochemistry.

Rotary Microtomes

Our rotary microtomes come in manualsemi-automated, and fully automated models to help you section perfect paraffin-wax embedded slices and more for histopathology.

Introducing Our New Compresstome VF-510-0Z Model!

Covered by a 5-year warranty (included!)

The Compresstome® VF-510-0Z is our newest vibrating microtome models. Designed by engineers with customer feedback, this tissue slicer is best used to create sections for electrophysiologyorganotypic culture (tumor slices), precision-cut tissue slices (like PCLS), and immunohistochemistry (IHC). 

    • Cuts tissue slices from brain, heart, liver, lung, kidney, and more
    • Produces even, consistent slices (no more thick-and-thin sections)
    • Slices over 5x faster than other market vibrating microtomes
    • Patented compression technology and agarose embedding process tissue and eliminates chattermarks
    • Fully automated slicing!
    • Auto Zero-Z® technology reduces Z-axis deflection to <1 μm
    • Light footprint for increased portability

We are the trusted tissue slicer for electrophysiology, immunohistochemistry, and more.

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