Electrophysiology requires slicing of live soft tissues. The quality of your experiment depends on the quality of the tissue slice. Your daily productivity also depends on the quality of the tissue slice. The viability of the brain slice, especially the healthy neurons in the top surface layers are crucial to the success of brain slice patch clamp electrophysiology. The Compresstome™ semi-automated VF-200-0z and fully automated VF-300-0zproduce the highest quality brain slices for these researches.

Compresstome at the Allen Institute for Electrophysiology

 One of the things that we are keen to do at Precisionary Instruments to help push the boundaries of scientific research.  That’s why it’s always cool to see how scientists have modified and enhanced the Compresstome.  At the Allen Institute, their “open science” concept puts neuroscientists together with system engineers to come up with some extremely cool ideas, and conjure them into existence.


We are proud that the Compresstome can be part of this (at 1:34-1:50 and 3:10), helping the scientists work with both mouse brains as well as human brain tissues.