Tissue Sectioning Help

Welcome to our Tissue Sectioning Help Page, your comprehensive online resource hub offering a wide range of tools, guides, and materials to assist you in mastering the art of tissue sectioning for your research needs.

Compare Compresstome models

Easy and short summary of our flagship vibratome models

Compare rotary microtome models

Understand the features and differences between our rotary microtomes

Agarose Embedding

Detailed help for making agarose and embedding cutting samples

Slicing Parameters

Recommended speed and oscillation settings for tissue sectioning


Answers to your questions about Compresstomes, rotary microtomes, and getting better tissue slices

Partnerships and Distributors

We partner with companies worldwide to bring our innovative tissue slicers and microtomes directly to your lab and clinic

Repair Support

Contact us directly for any issues with your microtome

Experimental Protocols

Detailed protocols and guides for key experiments

How the Compresstome works

Find out how our vibrating microtome works to slice tissue sections