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Compare Compresstome® Models

Easy and short summary of our flagship vibratome models

All of these references are from peer-reviewed publications, and feature experiments completed successfully using our microtomes.

List of Compresstome® Models

When it comes to choosing a vibratome, we want to help make the models easy to understand! Here is a concise comparison table summarizing the key features of each Compresstome® vibrating microtome model and how they compare.

ModelMin. slice thicknessCutting modeSlice thickness adjustmentAvailable specimen tube sizesIncludes Auto Zero-Z technology
10 µmAutomaticAutomatic15.5mm, 20 mm
VF-210 Semi-automated
20 µmAutomaticManual15.5mm, 20 mm
VF-800-0ZVF-800-0Z Front View 40 µmAutomaticAutomatic100mm
10 µmAutomaticAutomatic15.5mm, 20 mmNo