In Situ Hybridization

Proper tissue fixture and preparation is crucial for getting the best in-situ hybridization (ISH) signals. Our Compresstome® allows you to cut thin free-floating sections down to 3 µm-thick, but without having to freeze any tissue. Slices over 10 µm-thick present problems for ISH staining, and the Compresstome® is the only vibrating microtome on the market that can section free-floating slices for ISH! Avoid freeze artifacts that can interfere with sensitive ISH staining processes by using a Compresstome®.

The VF-300-0Z with the Auto Zero-Z® feature is the recommended Compresstome® for in-situ applications.

Fresh cervical tissue cut with a Compresstome® VF-300-0Z and processed for in-situ tetramer staining combined with immunohistochemistry.