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Empowering Neurophysiologists: Introducing the Vibratome Electrophysiology Kit for Acute Brain Slice Studies

Published on July 10, 2023

Patch-clamp electrophysiology is a powerful technique used by neurophysiologists to investigate the electrical properties of neurons. Central to this process is the preparation of acute brain slices, which requires specialized tools and precise handling to maintain slice health. In this article, we will explore the essential tools for patch-clamp electrophysiology, with a particular focus on the importance of keeping brain slices chilled and oxygenated. We are proud to introduce the “Compresstome Vibratome Electrophysiology Kit,” a comprehensive solution designed to streamline the tissue slice process for neurophysiological studies.




To achieve healthy acute brain slices, you will to use or do the following:

  1. Chilling Brain Slices: The Importance of Temperature Control:

During the tissue slicing process, it is crucial to keep brain slices chilled to minimize cellular damage and maintain slice health. Cooling the tissue slows down metabolic activity, reducing potential excitotoxicity and preserving neuronal function. Our Vibratome Electrophysiology Kit includes a double wall buffer tray, designed to hold ice and maintain a consistent low temperature throughout the experiment, ensuring the longevity of the slices.

  1. Oxygenation for Optimal Slice Viability:

Oxygenation is essential to provide an optimal environment for brain slices. Adequate oxygen supply promotes cell viability and metabolic activity, ensuring the health of neurons during slice preparation and incubation. Our Electrophysiology Kit comes with a fully assembled oxygenation attachment for carbogen gas, providing a continuous stream of oxygenated gas to the slice chamber. This feature guarantees proper oxygenation, enhancing slice viability and improving the quality of electrophysiological recordings.

  1. Clear Visualization with the Magnifying Lens:

The Vibratome Electrophysiology Kit includes a magnifying lens attachment that enhances visibility during the tissue slice process. This lens provides a clear, magnified view of the brain tissue, allowing researchers to observe and precisely guide the Vibratome blade through the tissue. By improving visualization, the magnifying lens enables accurate sectioning and minimizes the risk of damaging delicate neural structures, ensuring the generation of high-quality brain slices.

This Electrophysiology Kit is custom-made for Compresstome® vibrating microtomes, with the goal to help scientists easily start on cutting acute brain slices (or other organ system) for electrophysiology experiments. This kit includes all tools needed for oxygenation of live tissue sections, keeping tissue specimens chilled during the cutting process, and providing illumination to easily see free-floating tissue sections. Components of the kit come with a full 1-year warranty.


  • 1 x Oxygenation attachment
  • 1 x Double wall buffer tray
  • 1 x Magnetic blade holder
  • 1 x Magnifying glass and LED light assembly



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