Rotary Microtomes

Precisionary Instruments offers a full line of high quality rotary microtomes for histopathology, research, and clinical purposes. Our microtomes give you reliable sections over a range of tissue slice thicknesses.

Rotary Microtomes

How it works

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Key benefits

  • Other tissue slicers on the market will have a flat stage where you glue your tissue sample, with a cutting blade that approaches horizontally. However, the blade can easily push your tissue sample and squish, tilt, and compress it — all of these effects may damage cells and tissue architecture.
  • Embedding tissue in agarose is simple and proven to keep the tissue from harm. The agarose helps stabilize the tissue during cutting with the Compresstome®. This yields slices with smooth surfaces, and does not harm or disrupt the tissue. Agarose embedding allows you to cut consistent, even tissue slices without chatter marks.
  • The Compresstome® vibrating microtome has been scientifically demonstrated to create more consistent tissue sections for immunohistochemistry and electrophysiology compared to other vibratomes. Here, you can see the significant reduction in chattermarks in tissues slices produced with our Compresstome® tissue slicer versus sections (A, C). Slices made at the same cutting speed and oscillation on another market vibratome produces chattermarks on the surface of tissue slices.
Comparison of tissue slices sectioned with a Compresstome® vibrating microtome vs. another leading market vibratome.

Key benefits

  • You can cut really thin sections of tissue, down to 1µm! With ultra-thin rotary microtomes, you can go even lower
  • Cutting is quick and easy, allowing for high through-put sectioning. This is great when you need to do serial cutting of samples
  • You can cut harder materials, like tissue embedded in paraffin-wax, and certain polymers or resins
  • Rotary microtomes are easy to operate and clean up

Models (3)

Semi-automated, manual thickness advance

Top Applications

Rotary Microtome ModelRF-600
Microtome TypeManualSemi-AutomatedFully Automated
Section Thickness Range0μm – 60μm adjustable as follows:
    0μm – 2μm (in 0.5μm increments)
    2μm – 10μm (in 1μm increments)
    10μm – 20μm (in 2μm increments)
    20μm – 60μm (in 5μm increments)
0-99.9μm (in 0.1 μm increments)0.5μm – 100μm adjustable as follows:
    0.5μm – 5μm (in 0.5μm increments)
    5μm – 20μm (in 1μm increments)
    20μm – 60μm (in 5μm increments)
    60μm – 100μm (in 10μm increments)
Trimming Thickness Range0μm – 60μm adjustable as follows:
    0μm – 2μm (in 0.5μm increments)
    2μm – 10μm (in 1μm increments)
    10μm – 20μm (in 2μm increments)
    20μm – 60μm (in 5μm increments)
0-999μm (in 0.1 μm increments)5μm – 600μm adjustable as follows:
    5μm – 10μm (in 5μm increments)
    10μm – 100μm (in 10μm increments)
    100μm – 200μm (in 20μm increments)
    200μm – 600μm (in 50μm increments)
Minimum Section Thickness0.5µm0.1µm0.5µm
Specimen RetractionNone0-99μm (Optional on/off)0-220μm (Optional on/off)
Horizontal Specimen Stroke23mm28mm20mm
Vertical Specimen Stroke58mm57mm60mm
Specimen Head Rotation7-degrees rotation in X-Y axes4-degrees rotation in X-Y axes8-degrees rotation in X-Y axes
Specimen Feed SpeedCoarse handwheel (manual)Electronically adjustableElectronically adjustable
Dimensions (L x W x H)22 in x 16 3⁄4 in x 11 1⁄2 in22 3⁄4 in x 16 in x 12 9/16 in19 1⁄2 in x 16 7/8 in x 12 in
Weight54 lb67 lb60 lb
Voltage & PowerNone100-120V, 60Hz100-120V, 60Hz
Additional Accessories
(Included for FREE!)
  • Universal paraffin specimen clamp

  • Box of 50 cutting blades

  • Box of 50 cutting blades
  • Universal paraffin specimen clamp

  • Foot pedal controller

  • Side control panel

  • Box of 50 cutting blades
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