Meet Our Rotary Microtome RF-800!

Hello again! For this week, we’ll continue our brief but detailed introduction to our new Precisionary Rotary Microtome product line. Learn about this family of microtomes with us. This week, we’ll focus on our Precisionary Rotary Microtome RF-800!

Rotary Microtome RF-800 features

Precisionary Rotary Microtome RF-800

Our rotary microtome RF-800 is our best selling model. The RF-800 is a semi-automated model that is ideal for repetitive tissue slicing. “Semi-automated” means that single sections are cut and controlled using a main handwheel, but the forward and reverse movement of the specimen holder (i.e., specimen head clamp) is controlled by a LCD touchscreen (and thus is automated).

This microtome is designed to achieve higher quality tissue sections, especially paraffin wax embedded samples. The thin tissue slices can then be processed for H&E, immunohistochemistry, and other histopathological needs.

Key RF-800 Features:

  • LCD touchscreen panel shows all cutting metrics
  • Control panel provides easy and friendly controls
  • Specimen clamp is compatible with multiple cassette sizes
  • Cutting stage has both blade guard and blade ejector for increased safety. Can also be used with high- or low-profile blades
  • Large volume waste tray is removable for easy cleaning
  • Top of microtome can be used for storage of consumables during cutting, saving space
  • Smooth turning handwheel can be locked anywhere in the 360-degree turn, allowing for improved ergonomics
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