New MAGNETIC Blade Holder for Compresstome vibrating microtomes!

We would like to announce a new accessory addition to the Compresstome vibrating microtome! Each Compresstome uses a blade holder. Our usual blade holder requires gluing a stainless steel blade to the surface, and then the blade holder is attached to the vibrating head for tissue slicing.

Based on customer feedback, we have designed a NEW magnetic blade holder! This design uses five (5) small, strong magnets embedded inside the blade holder, which allows for the steel cutting blades to adhere to the blade without glue.

The back of the magnetic blade holder looks like this:

The front of the magnetic blade holder looks like this:

You can simply adhere a steel cutting blade to the surface, which will be held in place by magnets. No gluing and no clamping mechanisms are necessary! For instance, your final blade holder with the cutting blade looks like this:

This new magnetic blade holder design also makes clean-up a breeze—simply remove the blade and dispose of it!
The magnetic blade holder is compatible with the following models:
Please contact us if you are interested in getting a magnetic blade holder so that we can check that your Compresstome model is compatible.
Thank you!
The Precisionary Team
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