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Precisionary Training & Live Video Demos

Published on October 17, 2022

A Compresstome Tutorial Tailored to Your Needs

We understand that if you have just purchased a Compresstome you may not be familiar with how it works. That’s why we include the Compresstome Training Demo standard in each quote! Once you receive your Compresstome we work with you to schedule your Compresstome Training Demo. The Training Demo is a one-on-one video demonstration to help you become familiar with how to use the Compresstome for your tissue slicing experiments. The demonstration is completed over video chat, typically Zoom, between you, a Scientific Sales Consultant, and anyone else in your group who will like to participate. We understand that it can be difficult to coordinate a time that works best for all your colleagues and we welcome you to record the Zoom video conference to have as a reference. We are here to help you get the most of your training.

Compresstome Training Demo: Conference about tissue slicers and microtomes
Our Sales Team members who are here to assist you and conduct your Compresstome Training Demo.

Types of Compresstome Training Demo

There are two types of training demonstrations that we offer:

  • Basic Training Demo
  • Premium Training Demo

The Basic Training Demo is our most popular training demo and included standard with each Compresstome quote. The Premium Training Demo goes covers the same information as the basic demonstration but with much more detail. Both the Basic and the Premium Training Demo provide an understanding how to use the Compresstome tissue slicer.

Basic Compresstome Training Demo

The Basic Training Demo lasts from 30 minutes – 1 hour, and we will have your desired Compresstome model with us throughout the training. It is not required that you prepare a tissue sample to section during the training, as we will not be doing so. Rather, we will go over all of the parts of the machine, how to use the machine, how to prepare your tissue samples for sectioning, and finally going over the cleaning and maintenance of your model. We will also be here to answer any questions that may arise throughout the training. We welcome you to provide us with any questions you may have about your Compresstome before your training demo. This way we will be able to supply answers specific to your needs and ensure that you can receive the full benefit of the demonstration.

Premium Training Demo

If you would like an in-depth demonstration of how to use the Compresstome for your tissue slicing experiments, we suggest you purchase our Premium Training Demo. In this one-on-one video session, we will thoroughly demonstrate using the tissue slicer from beginning to end. In addition to covering the steps shown in the Basic Training Demo, we will demonstrate the agarose preparation and embedding process. You will be able to see first-hand the process of tissue slicing with the Compresstome. We will also review your experimental procedure and directly view your use of the Compresstome, with assistance and suggestions for optimal sectioning. This plan also allows for time with our Chief Scientific Officer for experimental troubleshooting. The Premium Training Demo plan provides the most compressive video support and allows us to cater the use of the Compresstome to your specific research needs.

Please let us know if you would like to purchase the Compresstome Training Demo. We are happy to work to schedule a time that works best for you. Give us a call or email us, we are here to help!

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