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Tissue Floating Bath


SKU TF-1000
The Precisionary Instruments Tissue Floating Bath is a reliable and efficient solution for softening embedded tissue specimens without causing wrinkles or distortions. With a Teflon-coated chamber for easy cleaning, a low-profile interior chamber to reduce glare, and a glazed glass lid for easy viewing, this bath provides optimal conditions for tissue processing. Its top ledge allows for preheating or evaporating excess water on slides, while the sheathed heater ensures longer life and uniform heating.
Key Features:
1. Wrinkle-free Tissue Softening: Softens embedded tissue specimens without creating wrinkles, folds, or distortions.
2. Easy Cleaning: Teflon-coated chamber facilitates effortless cleaning, ensuring optimal hygiene and efficiency.
3. Reduced Glare: Low-profile 2.3L black interior chamber minimizes glare, providing clear visibility during tissue processing.
4. Convenient Viewing: Glazed glass lid enables easy monitoring and inspection of specimens.
5. Slide Preparation Support: Top ledge offers space for preheating or evaporating excess water on slides, streamlining slide preparation.
6. Uniform Heating: Sheathed heater guarantees longer lifespan and ensures uniform heating throughout the bath.
Elevate your tissue processing with the Precisionary Instruments Tissue Floating Bath, designed to simplify and optimize your laboratory workflow.
Weight 8 lbs

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