Company History

With almost 20 years of in-depth experience, Precisionary Instruments continues to work directly with scientists and engineers to create the most innovative microtomes

June 1, 2004: Precisionary Instruments is Launched!

Precisionary Instruments was founded in 2004 by Dr. Jian-Qiang Kong, Ph.D, the creator and inventor of the Compresstome® tissue slicer. Dr. Kong worked in academic research, producing fresh brain tissue slices for patch-clamp electrophysiology experiments. At the time, he was using a traditional vibratome. Through these experiments Dr. Kong found that his produced sections had increasingly inconsistent slice thicknesses, were thicker at the slice edge, and had vibration artifacts that no amount of vibratome settings could fix. He was not producing the superior quality sections he needed for his research and at the time, there were not many options to change this. Dr. Kong was passionate about making the difference he wanted to see in his produced sections and began brainstorming ideas. As a result, he founded Precisionary Instruments to help meet those needs.

June 1, 2005: Invention of “Auto Zero-Z®” Technology

Dr. Kong knew the Compresstome® tissue slicers had room for improvements and continued to work to invent the patented Auto Zero-Z® technology for them. He found that with traditional vibratomes, it was cumbersome to manually adjust and calibrate the vibrating head unit before every experiment. Why couldn’t the tissue slicer do that itself? With the Compresstome®, they can! Dr. Kong updated his original Compresstome® slicers to invent both the VF-200-0Z and VF-300-0Z models. Our patented Auto Zero-Z® is equipped on all models ending in “-0Z” and involves the z-axis deflection (Auto Zero-Z®) built directly into the vibrating head units during manufacturing. This means the user does not need to calibrate the machine every time they use it and so the produced slices are consistent, even throughout, and free of vibration artifacts.

June 1, 2018: New Compresstome® VF-210-0Z and VF-310-0Z Models Released

Fast forward 14 years later, and Dr. Kong’s work on the legacy line of Compresstome® tissue slicers inspired our expert engineering and sales team to invent the updated versions of the VF-200-0Z and VF-300-0Z models. With the valuable feedback from our customers, Precisionary Instruments worked to produce an even more user-friendly version of the Compresstome® Vibrating Microtome, and the VF-210-0Z and VF-310-0Z models were born! Keeping the original mode of cutting, protocol for preparing the tissue sample, and of course the patented compression technology and Auto Zero-Z® capability, the Compresstome® tissue slicer continues to produce the superior quality sections for a variety of research needs.

January 1, 2022: Compresstome® VF-500-0Z Released

We officially launched our newest Compresstome® model, the VF-500-0Z vibrating microtome. This fully automatic tissue slicer takes the best components of both the Legacy line of Compresstome® models combined with the ease-of-use features of the VF-310-0Z

November 1, 2022: Compresstome® VF-510-0Z Released

Most recently, the Compresstome® VF-510-0Z vibrating microtome was launched. This fully automatic tissue slicer takes the best components of both the VF-500-0Z and VF-310-0Z models, and combines it into one easy-to-use vibratome. This is our recommended model for electrophysiology experiments, although like all Compresstome® models, has the ability to cut a wide range of tissue organ types for a variety of slicing needs. For those familiar with our legacy line of Compresstome® models, we encourage you to give our newest VF-510-0Z model a try should you be looking to expand your lab or test your experimental protocol.

Today & Future

No matter your experimental or personal preferences, Precisionary Instruments has the Compresstome® vibrating microtome to produce the high-quality sections you are looking for. Combined with our expert engineers and superb scientific sales consultants, our team is here to assist you before, during, and after the purchasing process to ensure you are producing the best slices possible for your slicing needs. We are happy to help!

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