With our patented compression technology, The Compresstome® overcomes these issues and can produce slices that have

  • More Live cellsCompression stabilizes the tissue, producing much more living cells on live tissues.
  • Smooth sections:  tissue stabilization + Auto-Zero-Z® = No artifacts
  • Easy to set orientationIt’s easy to work with the agarose to orient the brain stem.

Brain stem tissues have the following characteristics that makes it difficult for traditional Vibratomes to section.

  • Variability in tissue density: The brainstem contains several different types of neural tissue, such as white matter, gray matter, and nuclei, each with different densities. This variability can make it challenging to produce uniform sections with a vibratome, and dense regions may cause the blade to skip or produce uneven section thickness.
  • Presence of delicate structures: The brainstem contains several delicate structures, such as cranial nerves and nuclei, that can be easily damaged during sectioning. The vibratome blade may tear or crumple these structures, leading to unusable or distorted sections.
  • Curved shape: The brainstem is curved in shape, which can make it difficult to produce uniform sections with a vibratome. Depending on the orientation of the sample, it may be challenging to achieve the necessary precision and control for producing high-quality sections.

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Compresstome vibrating microtome

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