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Webinars > Reflections on a decade of patching in adult brain slices

Reflections on a decade of patching in adult brain slices

Original webinar date: March 22, 2021
Guest name: Jonathan Ting, PhD

Jonathan T. Ting is an Assistant Investigator at the Allen Institute, where he joined in 2013 to provide electrophysiology expertise for the Human Cell Types program, and to develop functional assays on human ex vivo brain slides. Dr. Ting has more than 15 years of experience in patch clamp electrophysiology. He studied the neural circuitry basis of psychiatric disorders during his postdoctoral fellowships at Duke University and the McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT, and he developed and characterized several transgenic mouse lines now widely employed for nervous system research involving optogenetics.

For this webinar, Dr. Ting provides reflections of his experience on a decade of patching adult brain slices. He will:

  • Discuss which key steps in the brain slice process is most important and why
  • Challenge our conventional beliefs of slicing solutions and methodologies
  • Recommend tips and tricks based on his experience and research