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What is Compresstome Auto Zero-Z Technology?

Published on January 3, 2024

Compresstome Auto Zero-Z® Patented Technology

The Compresstome® vibrating microtome lineup incorporates a significant technological advancement: our patented Auto Zero-Z® technology. This innovative feature is integral to Compresstome® models with names ending in “-0Z,” as it ensures meticulous alignment, eliminating oscillating deviations along the z-axis throughout the cutting process (Figure 1).

Auto Zero-Z diagram
Figure 1. Auto Zero-Z technology is equivalent to VibrocheckTM, but users do not have to calibrate the Z-axis cutting prior to each experiment. Auto Zero-Z technology is also included, at no additional cost, to all models ending in “-0Z”.

The advantages of having a vibrating microtome with Auto Zero-Z®include:

  • The near zero deflection prevents shearing across the tissue surface, which gives you a smooth surface for each slice.
  • For electrophysiologists and researchers who want precision-cut tissue slices, Auto Zero-Z®provides a crucial advantage because a smoother surface yields more viable cells.
  • For researchers sectioning fixed tissue for immunohistochemistry or in-situ hybridization experiments, Auto Zero-Z®allows for speedy cutting without leaving behind vibration artifacts (called “chatter marks”). This enables you to evenly stain for protein or RNA.

Consequently, the implementation of Auto Zero-Z® technology empowers you to consistently create smooth, uniform slices with every cutting operation, streamlining the process and eliminating the need for recalibration each time you use the Compresstome®. This precision slicing also enhances tissue sectioning, guaranteeing the acquisition of robust, viable slices for live tissue studies (Figure 2).

How Auto Zero-Z benefits tissue cutting diagram
Figure 2. Auto Zero-Z technology helps users obtain healthier slices with consistent, even thicknesses. 

In conclusion, the integration of Auto Zero-Z® technology into Compresstome® vibrating microtome models represents a significant advancement in tissue sectioning. By ensuring precise alignment and eliminating z-axis oscillations, this patented feature not only simplifies the cutting process but also consistently delivers smooth and uniform slices. The time-saving benefits are evident as users no longer need to calibrate their slicers repeatedly, allowing for more efficient and reliable results. Moreover, the enhanced precision of tissue sectioning facilitates the acquisition of healthy and viable slices, making it an invaluable tool for live tissue studies. As Compresstome® continues to redefine the standards of scientific equipment, researchers can confidently rely on this technology to advance their studies and drive innovation in various fields of research.

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